Water & Earth Tableware


Water & Earth

Is a tableware line inspired by the wonders of the sea and the deep abyss.
Contemporary dinnerware designs offer you and your guests new dining experiences:
organic shapes inspired of shells, handmade stoneware, anti-scratch and more.

Qualified for the needs of chefs in gastronomy: restaurants or hotels, cruisers or on events.
This dinnerware is usable for nearly every gastronomy service. Dutch design and guarantee
certifications offer you a high quality product of Royal Goedewaagen.

Water & Earth is the answer to upcoming new desires and expectations of the clients and
guests in these times. Quality and design in a symbiosis of cooking and porcelain knowledge:

• The creator Gordon Bok is a passionated chef from The Netherlands. He introduced
his professional cooking knowledge into the needs of the design.
• Royal Goedewaagen has a rich history since 1610 and is a dutch leader in porcelain

Water & Earth: dive into an experience of dining with a high quality dinnerware.


✔ Handmade
✔ Dutch design
✔ Stoneware porcelain: light but strong
✔ For our environment: eco-friendly production
✔ So hot and cool: Great heat and freeze absorption
✔ Well organisated: it’s stackable
✔ Scratch-resistant
✔ Dishwasher and microwave proof

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